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    my first android infini tungsten

    So I was recently looking for a minimalist watch, similar to movado but with colors that I liked (purple) and more bang for the buck.

    I ended up getting two Android Infini Tungsten watches, one in dark purple and one in midnight blue.

    Pros: sapphire crystal, tungsten bracelet, 10 year battery as I understand it. Overall the watch is well-built and feels comfortable on the wrist. In strong lighting the dials have a shiny iridiscent quality. In low lighting they appear almost black-this is especially true of the purple one which is a very dark purple/indigo.

    Price. I got each watch for a sale price of 190. (I think the MSRP is around 300). By comparison, the Movados which were similar were closer to $1000 and looked smaller and less noticeable on my wrist compared to these. (I tried them on next to these watches) Also many of them used stainless steel or leather instead of tungsten and didn't feature the colors below.

    Cons: I could probably do without the hour markers for an even more minimalist look. I wish the hands were colored the same as the dial instead of green. I wish there were a way for the dial colors to stand out more in low lighting. They turn nearly black making the appearance a little bland.

    I'd like to see Wing come out with more colors in this series, like a yellow, red, and pink. So far they're only available in purple, silver, blue and Mop.

    Overall I was happy with the purchase so I ended up grabbing two of them.
    Few pics below.

    Name:  android-blue-infini-1.jpg
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    Name:  android-blue-infini-2.jpg
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    Name:  android-blue-infini-3.jpg
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    Name:  android-violet-infini-1.jpg
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    Nice looking piece! I recently picked up an Android with another on the way. Based on my small sample, the brand is an excellent option for those who swim in the affordable end of the pool. Quality for value.
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    Re: my first android infini tungsten

    I love tungsten watches, you might have tempted me into another impulse buy. Damn.
    I'm content with my watch collection

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    Re: my first android infini tungsten

    Wow, that's some shiny (not to mention colourful) wrist wear.

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    Re: my first android infini tungsten

    More pics of the violet infini tungsten in bright sunlight

    Name:  androidpurple02.jpeg
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    Name:  androidinfinipurple4.jpg
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    Name:  android-purple7.jpg
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