For those who may be interested in some historical facts regarding the relationsship Nivada - Croton:

Here´s the question I got:

"Mike, I have a Nivada vintage dress watch. Can you tell me about
them. I thought that Croton made the Swiss Nivada....."

And here´s my answer which I took from a former post here on WUS (lazy I am :-D ):

Nivada was founded in 1925 at Grenchen/Switzerland known as Wüllimann
Schneider Nivada S.A.
Nivada never made the step to produce own (in-house) movements. Instead
of developping own movements Nivada relied on buying proven and
reliable moverments from ETA and Phénix S.A. (Porrentruy/Switzerland).
Nivada was known for producing an overall good quality. Some of their famous watches have been
+ "Rollamatic" (some named "Rollador") with cal. Phenix 200
+ "Reglavit", a waterresistant watch, to regulate the watch you had to
use a screw in the back of the watch so you had not to open the case
which was important to it´s waterresistance
+ "Antartic", a three hands watch with date indication
+ "Depthmaster", waterresistant to 1000m (the case was similar to
+ "Depthomatic" , fitted with ETA 2472, 200m waterresisant
+ "Alertamatic", alarm watch with Lemania 2980, very similar to Omega
Memomatic (cal. 980).

--men´s Nivado chrono with Valjoux 23 from my collection--

Because of the fact that there had been a strong relationship to
"Phenix S.A." (which belonged to MSR) Nivada was able to sell the Vulcain
"Cricket" under the name of Nivada. This watch was named "Wanderer".
This watch has been sold in the US by Croton.

--My wife´s Nivada--

BTW: The Croton Watch Co. was the US distributor of Nivada, also
known as Horowitz & Son Inc./New York. The cooperation of Nivada and
Croton was so close that all three "Nivada", "Croton" and "Croton
Nivada" have been brought to the US market.

In 1976 Nivada celebrated it´s 50th anniversary by launching a
very special catalogue. Forced by the quartz crisis Nivada closed down.
The trademark was sold lateron (maybe to Asia/Chine/HK - I don´t know).

Google will lead you to a new website of NIVADA.

At auctions Croton/Nivada vintage waches in good or excellent condition
fetch 400 to 1200 Euro. They are worth to be collected imho.

Hope this will answer your question regarding Nivada.
Kind regards