My new (to me) modded Orange Monster

Thread: My new (to me) modded Orange Monster

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    Picture My new (to me) modded Orange Monster

    So here's the watch that was giving me a little agita. It uses the hands and face of an Orange Monster with the date and day wheels of a Black Monster. The case and bracelet were bead blasted and Teddy did an excellent job. It looks great on its bracelet and on the Seiko Monster strap. I've also ordered a Zulu (black with orange stripe) and a composite (black with orange stitching) from Maratac - will post pics when they come, probably over the weekend.

    Without further ado:

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    Re: My new (to me) modded Orange Monster

    Been loving the bead blasted lately, nicely done! Shows a lot less wear & tear this way as well.
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    Re: My new (to me) modded Orange Monster

    Very nice, thanks for sharing. I was always trying to picture how it would look with the black date wheel.
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