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    My Odd Couple

    On another forum a buddy called these two the Odd Couple.

    These are the two that I am going to stick with for the next few years. I can't see parting with either one and I would have to sell one in order to fund something new so I am stuck (that's quite alright with me).

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    Re: My Odd Couple

    Hi Páll,

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.

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    Re: My Odd Couple

    Nice pictures. I can see both why they would be called an odd couple and why, if you were to have only two watches, they would be your choices.

    Dressy and sophisticated and sporty serious dive watch - good combination for having only two watches.
    Buy what you like, keep what you love, don't spend too much.
    As long as you follow those simple rules - you shouldn't listen to anyone about your watches.

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    Re: My Odd Couple

    Very nice - both watches and your pictures!

    IMO a perfect chioce, when limited to only two watches.

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