My watch addiction, but why

Thread: My watch addiction, but why

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    My watch addiction, but why

    Hi, new on here.

    We all love watches, and that's why we are on here. Mosts of us have an addiction, but our addictions varie. I will tell you mine, and then perhaps you can share yours with the rest of us.

    I started off by buying and selling vintage watches, and then couldn't help buying the odd new bargain watch for myself. As time has gone on I have learned more and more about constitutes a good watch. The movement, the strap, the case, the window, and the bezel etc. So, my thrill comes from buying a watch I like the look of, that is well built and meets all the criteria of a good watch, and is at a price that makes me smile. For example, I purchased a Parnis 200m dive watch, with AR sapphire crystal, a Miyota movement, and brilliant stainless strap, 316L stainless case, a ceramic bezel, and a beautiful guilloche dial, for £82. Granted, this is about my best bargain. In my opinion the watch is absolutely stunning (picture enclosed).

    I have no interest in luxury branded watches, although I appreciate their designs, because I am happy to wear a nice homage (not fake of course). That said, if money no were object I would love to own a very expensice pieces for the hell of it.

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    Re: My watch addiction, but why

    Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your new watch!
    "The stuff that dreams are made of…" - RGM ‘801 EE Motor Barrel’

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    Re: My watch addiction, but why

    Welcome to Watchuseek.

    Looking forward to your future contributions!

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    Re: My watch addiction, but why

    At the time my DJ was overdue for a service and the wait in the U.K. at the time was about 4 months so I decided to get a Tissot to “put me on” HA! Ooo look - a rabbit hole. I wonder what’s down there!

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    Re: My watch addiction, but why

    Welcome to this great community!

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    Re: My watch addiction, but why

    Welcome. That is a nice looking Parnis, especially the hand set!

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