My Watch History and a BIG Thank You!
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Thread: My Watch History and a BIG Thank You!

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    My Watch History and a BIG Thank You!

    Hello all, I wouldn't call myself a new member but I am a new contributor.
    These forums have helped me make many of my purchase decisions over the past few years. I plan on being a bigger part of the community going forward so I though it only be right to introduce myself through my "history", as well as recent purchases YOU had a helping hand in.
    My journey (or addiction) began in the mid 2000's, when I was rewarded with a Fendi Orologi Chrono Two Tone watch as a sales bonus. A fashion piece, which I loved, until I found myself foolishly jump into a Solid 18k Rolex Presidential. I was young and really didn't know how to appreciate it. Banged that thing up pretty bad. Sold it during hard times for probably half of what it would be worth today. Afterwards I had many downs (several Invicta's, cheap homages, Chinese mushrooms, etc). It's exhausting to think of how much money I wasted on these and how ridiculous the 50mm models must have looked on my 6 3/4' wrist. Thanks shop NBC
    2010 I received a Citizen Calibre Eco-Drive as a gift. Nice watch. I liked it, but still yearned for the feeling of that Rolex! I sold all the watches I had (at a loss) but took what I made (+ some) for a 14k/SS 1601 Datejust. These forums helped me in that decision and steered me away from fakes, franks and to the right sites/sellers. A couple years of wear, It started to seem too small so I winded up selling it on the bay for a profit. I then decided on a Tag Carrera - SS w Blue Dial. Thanks for the help with this one, because it really was a beauty. 40mm. Ahh... I finally found my perfect fit!
    I sold it, probably shouldn't have, but it's lack of bezel made me crave one, and so, I dived in to Divers!
    My collection since (all influenced by these forums in some way)
    Breitling Galactic 41 18k/SS
    Breitling J-Class 18k/SS (Selling)
    1970 Omega Seamaster SS (Just Sold)
    Omega Seamaster 120m 18K/SS (Just Sold)
    Tag Carrera 18K/SS (Sold)
    Certina DS Action - Green (this was the diver after the TAG, still have it, love it, thanks for the help!)
    Squale 50 Atmos - Blue (arriving today!) - YOU GUYS DID THIS!

    I now have a great understanding of movements and much more. Last year I purchased a full tool set and have been restoring vintage pieces, with help from my trusty local watch maker, and I buy/sell on the bay. I plan on modding pieces myself in the near future. I also plan on building up my collection. Really have my eyes on a Blackbay and/or a Yatchmaster ~ oh yeah! Wishful thinking at this time, but hopefully my tools will get me there!

    In closing, just wanted to thank you guys for all the indirect advice and for having a wonderful site.

    I know how we all love pics, so I attached some of those mentioned above. Thanks again.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: My Watch History and a BIG Thank You!

    Great collection of pics. Pity some of them are ex the current strength.
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