My watch predicament- Is she the one?
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Thread: My watch predicament- Is she the one?

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    My watch predicament- Is she the one?

    Hello all,
    I dont post very much but I have been lurking around here for some time. For the past 2 years I have been seriouslly searching for a watch. It use to be a dream, but with my new credit card and down payment ready to go its very much a reality now. Day by day, I spend hours on chrono24 and eBay looking for a watch that just seems right for me. Well to get to the point; now I think I found one.

    For the past 6 months I have been narrowing and refining my list, trying to figure out which watch I want to buy. The list current includes the venerable JLC Sun & Moon, Grande Date, 976 and Master Control; The Patek 5026 or 38mm Calatrava's, Glashutte Senator, Vacheron Historiques American and Patrimony Power Reserve's , The Lange 1815 moon phase and so forth....I like them all the problem is I cant afford them all, so its like pulling teeth trying to figure out which one I like the most. Every single watch I find something that I dont like about. I am probably nitpicking but I really want to get this right the first time. Just today whilst again scouring eBay I stumbled across what I can confidently say...IS THE ONE! My "Holy Grail" watch if you will. I looked long and hard at this particular piece and even under my intense scrutiny I can find no faults. As you can see from my list up there that Audemars Piguet is not included. Why do you ask? It is because in my head when I think of Audemars Piguet I see nothing but celebrities, sports icons, young bucks and guppies with a Diamond encrusted AP Royal Oak Offshore thinking their king of the world. Yeah the Millenary and Jules collections from AP are nice, not my cup of tea. I was too blinded by this hate and bias for the brand that I generally dont give two cents about anything from AP; thus almost missing this magnificent watch.

    So, which AP is so bloody captivating? I am happy to announce that it is none other than the Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet Chronograph- in White gold, on a black leather strap. Its absolutely perfect to me. Here are some reasons I like the watch:

    • It has a Black dial and is rectangular; Which was my biggest gripe with the JLC's, both the Grande Date and Sun & Moon has silver/white dials.
    • The AP is a complication (Where the 976 with a black dial is not)
    • Its got chronograph features like a 12 hour and 30 min counter with a stop watch.
    • The watch is also from a Holy Trinity member.
    • Its in luxurious White Gold instead of Stainless Steel which I find makes a piece too Serious and Sterile (Like the Grande Date, very "straight to business" kind of feel).
    • The positioning of the Date Window is perfect between the 4 and 5 (One of my gripes with the JLC Master Control is because the Day/Date windows are in the center of the dial, and in red, very strange)
    • The hour and minute hand is very contemporary, being rounded with lume in the middle.
    • I feel the dial is very balanced because the way the 1, 5, 7, and 11 numerals are larger than the other numerals they balance out the face perfectly so you dont even notice the date offsetting the dial (IMO On most watches the date window unbalances the dial making one side seem "heavy" or "busier" than the other side).
    • The particular model Edward Piguet I like also has sub second markers that is very Rolex Day Date-esque.
    • The watches diameter is also the size of a JLC Reverso Grande. Which is the perfect poroprtion. My gripe with the the discontinued White Gold Jaeger Lecoultre Sun & Moon was that its 38 mm instead of 42 so its too small but this suckers perfectly sized.

    The only con I guess would be that there is no Sapphire display in the back which is a shame because AP generally has some very pretty engraved 22k gold automatic movements. But alas with all the pros I can overlook this small con.

    Anyways I am very happy and excited, The search for "The One" was really taking its toll on me and this recent discovery has given me a second wind of fresh air. I feel re-invigorated, I walk with a new "spring"in my step, and the clouds part while the birds sing every time I romanticize myself strapping this watch on. The journey was a learning experience, although very long one. I came into this watch collecting hobby when I was very little, about 8, wanting a Tag Heuer because its the first time I ever saw a sapphire display back. At the time it blew my little mind. I then wanted a Movado, because hey when your so important who needs the exact time right? As the years past I started wanting a Omega like Pierce Brosnan when I first saw it shoot lasers in Golden Eye, to eventually wanting a Omega Speedmaster, to a Rolex Submariner, to a Rolex DayDate, to a JLC Master Compressor, to a JLC Reverso, etc etc etc. I am going to mull this watch over for another month to see if this is just a phase or if I feel any different after a while, but I got a good feeling about this one. Anyways I was hoping to get you guy's advice on this piece. I know every time Audemars Piguet is brought up its automatically followed by "Royal Oak", it being AP's most popular and all but whats everyone think of the Edward Piguet?


    Here is a picture of the exact watch and model I am talking about:
    Name:  3707_MAIN_5389.jpg
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    Re: My watch predicament- Is she the one?

    Stunning and I would have that AP over a Royal Oak every time.
    Regards Cam

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    Re: My watch predicament- Is she the one?

    Yes it's a beauty and I'm not normally so attracted to rectangular cases. The only drawback for me with my aging eyes would be the rather small size of the 30min and 12hr sub-dials.

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    Re: My watch predicament- Is she the one?

    It looks like a pretty great watch to me, although I must admit to knowing nothing about it. I will say only this: give it some more time. Sometimes on that elusive hunt for the "one" you will get quite infatuated with a given model. You need to let it sit and simmer, go and take another look at your other top picks, and then come back to it in a couple weeks. If it still sings to your heart then you know there is something special.

    I myself have already found my ultimate watch- A. Lange & Sohne Richard Lange, but sadly cannot afford it. I wish you the best of luck with your hunt and hope whatever watch you choose brings you satisfaction and joy. :D

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    Re: My watch predicament- Is she the one?

    You certainly have very fine taste.

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