Mysteries at the Museum
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Thread: Mysteries at the Museum

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    Mysteries at the Museum

    In a TV show called Mysteries at the Museum I always enjoy looking for the mistakes they make in prop placement. They must not have a large budget for props and use whatever they can get. In a number of episodes they did a story about World War II and the actors playing the soldiers are carrying guns from WWI all the way up to the Vietnam era. That's not the best mistake though. In an episode that is set in the late 1890's a scientist is wearing a G-Shock. Pretty fun stuff.
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    Re: Mysteries at the Museum

    Well to be fair, if I was a time-travelling scientist I would be wearing a G-shock. So I am sure there were loads of people wearing G-shocks in the 1890s...
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    Re: Mysteries at the Museum

    lol... i love that show, but yes they script a lot of dumb arguments on that show.
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    Re: Mysteries at the Museum

    They are also avid clip reusers, I love seeing the same clips in different stories
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