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    The Mystery Hole

    On most metal clasped watch bands there are a series of holes--the back set, usually 3-6 are used to adjust the length of the band around the wrist. Then there are the two hole in the front. Put the springbar in the first hole and all is well--the clasp closes with a nice click. But the second hole, behind the first hole and towards the back holes seems to do nothing and the bracelet does not close when the springbar is in that hole. Am I missing a basic skill in using the clasp or is the second hole a mystery hole?
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    Re: The Mystery Hole

    Does your clasp have a flip-lock safety feature? Generally the second, inboard pair of holes are what the flip-lock grabs into when closed.

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    Re: The Mystery Hole

    duh on me--yes it has a safety flip and now that I know it is so obvious. a classic case of not seeing the tree in the forest. thanks.

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