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    Need Advice On First Watch

    Hey watchuseek community,

    I've been saving up for a nice timepiece for a couple years now (poor college student budget), and I have finally set my heart on a B&M classima 8868 or 8735. The latter is a bit more difficult to find, so presumably I'll end up getting the 8868.

    --> Both are discontinued, and I haven't been able to find either at an AD, so I'm wondering if I could get some feedback on some seemingly reputable gray market dealers. Namely, Jomashop, Authenticwatches, Amazon, or any other I'm perhaps forgetting or not mentioning.

    Thank you for your time and advice!


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    Re: Need Advice On First Watch

    I recommend you do a search on the forum. Amazon are excellent. Jomashop may have mixed reviews on search but recent experience from WUS member Doboji has shown that their level of customer support is now at a high level:

    Remember it is not just getting a genuine watch that counts, it is also how the company deal with a problem after you have received the goods. Be very careful, many online companies trade with very similar sounding names and it can be easy to get a good one mixed up with a dodgy one. If you find an example from a site other than those mentioned in this thread then post again I am sure you will get some good advice. Good luck.
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    Re: Need Advice On First Watch

    Have you taken a look at Nomos? If I were going for a dress watch over $1000, I would be looking to them either preowned or new.
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