Need advise,2824.2 movement problem ??

Thread: Need advise,2824.2 movement problem ??

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    Need advise,2824.2 movement problem ??

    Hi,I'm looking for someone that can maybe give me an experienced guess as to a minute hand movement problem I'm having with a 2824.2 movement....I have a question,that addresses a particular concern,but it down the page a ways.
    I'm trying to first describe the problem,and then ask a question...
    I just received the watch in the mail from ebay,and haven't buckled it on my wrist yet.. It's been lying here beside my comp,and I was letting it do it's first 24 hr run for accuracy.... I got the watch at about 11:30am,so it's now been here running for about 12 hrs....the movement is running just fine,it hasn't stopped at all...In fact in 15 hrs,by the second hand it hasn't lost even one second.. At 12:50 am,the min hand stopped moving..... the watch still running... I noticed it at 15 after for 25 min the min hand didn't move.. I though at first it may have ran out of power.. I wound it about 10 turns.....Reset the time,and then when the min hand got back around to right between 10 and 11,It stopped again..
    The second hand still running and keeping correct time.... This is not good...
    I thought maybe the min hand was dragging on the face or something.....but no
    It's well clear and seated level....The movement doesn't seem to be having anything to do with this.....
    So it may be a easy fix within the hands...
    My thoughts now are (I'm not a jeweler or know much about these things so bare with me) I feel it may be that the stem that the minute hand connects to could possible be,fowling up inside the movement...
    Is this possible.......???? If I thought it was just a problem with the hand alignment,I'd just carry it in and see if the problem could be straightened out.... Now though I'm worried that it could be the stem that the hand is riding on thats the problem,and I don't know if that can be fixed,at an expense that I'd want to pay....It's 4am now and I've been here watching it for three hrs,waiting to see if it's gonna stop again....As I said it stopped twice,at or near the same place on the dial,and this was after it had ran for at least 12 hrs,then it started this.I would be tickled if it was just a problem with the hands,that could be easily remedied.I just hope it's not in the movement.
    I would think that if the stem that the minute hand was connected to,was binding,or fowling up inside the movement,at it's connection point,that the movement would have stopped also.. That hasn't been the case... The movement has been running right on along.Also it hasn't even slowed down...the second hand is still correct. I like the watch,it's just a simple gold finish Hamilton,dress watch...powered by the 2824.2 leather band.I have sent a email to the seller at ebay,alerting them as to the obvious faulty problem I'm having with the watch... I'm asking this question here,because I may end up stuck,with no help from the seller,and then I'd won't to know,where I stand as to what may be the cause of this stopped min hand....
    That would involve going to the jeweler,for repair..... I guess I'm asking if this sounds like anything anyones heard of,an do you think it can be fixed????
    Whew.... this really got long ....... I'm just upset..... Sorry... Thanks for any help you guys are great.
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    Re: Need advise,2824.2 movement problem ??

    Saw the Gibson 135 in your Avatar. Give the seller some time and see what happens. Not everyone checks their messages super often, especially nites and weekends.

    Good Luck, and let us know what transpires.
    kind regards,


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    Re: Need advise,2824.2 movement problem ??

    Do some exercising with the watch.

    Pull the crown out to the 2nd stop and set the watch at 6 o'clock.

    Then push the crown to the 1st stop and quickset the date multiple days.

    Pull the crown back to the 2nd stop and turn the hands past 12 until the date changes once. Then bring it to 6 o'clock and bring the hands back and forth between 6 and 8.

    Stop if you feel/see the hands binding.

    Also, wind the watch to full. 10 turns is hardly enough esp. if the crown is not engaging the manual wind. Wind until you hear the ratchet engaging (put it close to your ear). Use a constant, smooth speed and don't wind too fast.

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