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Thread: Need expert help on finding Thin, Hand-winding dress watch, under 400

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    Re: Need expert help on finding Thin, Hand-winding dress watch, under 400

    Quote Originally Posted by Rdenney View Post
    These requirements are made-to-order for a vintage watch, especially given that it is a dress watch presumably not for daily use.

    I paid $175 for this 1958-vintage Bulova His Excellency (36mm, 7mm thick, handwind, superb Bulova 10BP movement):

    I paid $150 for this mid-60's Longines Flagship, handwind caliber 284 (one of many quality Longines movements from that era), 34mm, 8mm thick:

    I paid $75 for this Favre-Leuba with a unique manufacture twin-barrel caliber 253, 7mm thick, 34mm (sorry for the fuzzy photo). This watch was made right before the Favre-Leuba owners (Henry and Barbara Favre) bought controlling interest in SAPHIR, the family holding company of Jaeger-LeCoultre, in case you are not familiar with this now-defunct brand:

    I only paid $40 for this 35mm Dong Feng with its excellent pre-Seagull ST-5 movement. It's the only watch in my list that would not have been considered a fine Swiss watch back in the day, but it is still quite a nice-looking watch with a quality movement that fulfills all your requirements:

    And I paid $125 for this high-beat (5-Hz) Zodiac SST, which is just over the line of your requirements: Automatic, 9mm thick, 34mm:

    All of these were cheap enough to buy a decent strap and have them serviced, and still be within your budget. All of them are better than any new watch you'd get at the same price.

    Rick "who has a few vintages that meet all your requirements except price, too" Denney
    That Longines. Fantastic.

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    Re: Need expert help on finding Thin, Hand-winding dress watch, under 400

    Quote Originally Posted by watchnoob9 View Post
    Hi guys,

    Can you please check this watch for me ? It looks really nice on photo but im not sure.

    Sell POLJOT de Luxe 23 Jewels Very Good Condition Sovietic 2209 Slim Gold Plated | eBay

    Soviet Vintage Men's Dress Watch POLJOT de Luxe 2209 Ultra Slim 23 Jewels CCCP | eBay

    One seller is new because he just had 1 item sold but its much cheaper than the second seller. The white dial watch looks clean but it has a dark line in photo, i am not sure if it is a scratch. The second watch look nice too. Its so hard to choose. How hard is it to change the dome crystal ?

    Thank you.

    I got your message in PM, unfortunately I sold that watch while back to Russian collector.

    Okay both watch are all original parts, which is good. I believe the dial with black line is scratch on the dial because you can see the line under the minute hand, you better ask the seller. The second watch is in a fantastic condition, that is kinda rare for luch (Deluxe) 2209 in this day and age. I would get the second watch If I was you.

    Changing the dome is very easy, I done it before and I know where to get a new dome on the site too. Let me know and I will help you. it would save some time to search a new dome. However you should keep a original dome because the new dome is slimmer than the original dome. This is a another bonus for you because you want a slim watch.

    Hope this help.
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    My advice- buy a watch that pleases you. Don't let anyone judge or tell you what to wear. Good cheap and expensive watches are no different between them. Both still can tell the time.

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    Re: Need expert help on finding Thin, Hand-winding dress watch, under 400

    white dial would be better

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