Need help with 2 Terminology !

Thread: Need help with 2 Terminology !

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    Need help with 2 Terminology !

    as said i dont really understand the following two.

    'Regulator' ? IWC regulator... etc
    'Flyback' ? Chronograph flyback etc...

    thanks guys! :D

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    Re: Need help with 2 Terminology !

    Flyback: Flyback chronograph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    A Regulateur measures seconds, minutes and hours but different to the common three hand watch.Seconds, minutes and hours are spatially separated from one another. The hour display has its place in the upper half, and the small seconds display in the lower half of the dial. Only the “large” minutes hand describes its circle from the centre.

    This form of time display, which differs from that of all other watches, served a highly practical purpose in the early days of precision chronometry. The clocks of that time – mostly intricate grandfather clocks or wall clocks – were built with this dial architecture for observatories.
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