need help finding a watch please :)

Thread: need help finding a watch please :)

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    need help finding a watch please :)

    hey sup all

    i need help finding the best watch for $75 or less, with the following features:

    1. very durable/heavy-duty/strong/withstanding/whatever other word fits here

    2. three alarms or more...the more the merrier!
    3. backlight
    4. water-proof
    5. dual time-zone or more if possible. the more the merrier
    6. compass.
    7. solar power

    thanks a ton for the help, experts!

    i did a bunch of searching and came up with a lot of g-shocks and stuff. theyre all great and i found a bunch under $50 with everything above, except the compass :( i really need that feature

    if anyone can help, thanks!! :thanks

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    Re: need help finding a watch please :)

    How about a Casio Protrek or a Suunto? You may struggle to find something under $75, but there is always eBay.

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    Re: need help finding a watch please :)


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