Need help identifying a watch.

Thread: Need help identifying a watch.

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    Need help identifying a watch.

    Hello Watchuseek. I need your help identifying Joel's watch from The Last Of Us. It's symbolic to the story and i'd like to find one like it. Most likely scenario is that the developers rendered a custom watch, but if there's any chance that there exists a similar watch i'd like to find it.

    It's a silver watch with a black face. There are no markings on the bezel, it's a round case and has a single crown centered on the right side of the case. The hands are white or silver, and it has a secondary dial on the six o'clock position. it's difficult to see from the few times the watch is on screen ,but it consist of a white circle and a fourth hand. It sits on a military green nato/zulu band.

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    These are a couple of shots from concept and cover art. The watch face broke partway into the story so it's hard to make out the details on the right image.

    This next one is an in-game screenshot, a little more detailed. Again, there's a hole in the face.

    At first I though it looked like a Timex Weekender, but there's none I could find that had a secondary white dial at the six o'clock position. I suppose I could buy the strap by itself, but i'd be really grateful is you guys could help identify the watch itself or something similar to it. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Need help identifying a watch.

    This is the best I could come up with. Looks like the dial has 3 center hands and a sub-dial. I couldn't find anything with that configuration (not sure what that configuration would be exactly, all the watches below are small seconds). Tough to tell if the dial has numbers, roman numerals, or markers. If it has numbers then it looks like they rotate on the dial similar to the Stowa Antea (but the lugs don't match the Stowa). I'm sure there's a less expensive alternative than these, I just didn't see one in my search. It's also likely that the watch is based off of something vintage military.

    Omega DeVille Small Seconds
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    JLC Master Ultra Thin
    Name:  jae-2011-1358470-f2-3-sommaire.jpg
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    Oris Artelier Small Seconds
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    ALS Saxonia (lugs are a little iffy on this one)

    Name:  a_-lange-_-sohne-saxonia-215_029_813.jpg
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    Vintage Omega military watch. Similar but some obvious differences.
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    Re: Need help identifying a watch.

    Hello, I'm new here. My interest in watches and this video game have brought me to this thread. May I suggest that this looks very much like the Maratac Pilot Automatic? However, the placement of the crown is not offset in the game and the hour numbers are missing in the game as well. I've recently come across this brand of watches on the site CountyComm - Home Page and confess that I don't know much about the origins of the brand or its makers.

    I do look forward to learning more from this forum about the wonderful world of watches.


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