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    Need help picking watch

    I am in the market for a new watch. I like something simple and reliable, but not too expensive. I am considering the Seiko Black Monster or the Marathon TSAR or SAR.

    Since I am new to this automatic vs. quartz delima, I thought I would seek some advice from my peers.

    So far I like the Seiko, but am not too sure about the Hardlex crystal thing. Also, about the accuracy of the movement.

    As for the Marathon, I am curious about how the ISA 1998 will hold up over time, and about replacement of the movement if it breaks. I think they are pretty cheap movements money wise as my investigation. For the automatics, the Marathon uses the 2824-2, and the 2006 contract now has a metal movement retainer. But I heard these movements can be very accurate.

    I can live with +10 secs. a day in a automatic, this will give me 70 secs. per week, slighty more than a minute, so under 5 minutes a month. No problem since the watch is not a prepetual calander, I have to change the date every month anyway. My main concern is the accuracy and durability of the watch.

    How reliable is the ISA 1198 compared to the 2824 automatic movement. What kind of life could i expect from the quartz movement? Which would be better for an active person, who wears his watch every day, quartz or automatic.

    I would definetely like to hear from anyone, especially anyone with experience with the above watches.
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    Re: Need help picking watch

    the sar is much more accurate than you state. my 2004 is off by about on average of 8 secs. a week when worn every day. the tsars tubes can be replaced and the movement is made to military spec. You really can't compare a monster to a marathon. 2 very different watches. the marathons build quality is way above watches that cost twice as much. the seiko is just that. a seiko. built pretty well for the low cost and mediocre time keeping. but a very good long lasting beater.

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    Re: Need help picking watch

    With proper care, A good automatic watch will last longer then the owner. Its summed up in one of Patek Philippe's best slogans....

    "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You look after it for the next generation."

    Having said that... Proper care for my watches mean a $300 trip back to Omega in Bienne Switzerland every 8 years for maintenance service. For some people $300 is a lot of money just to service a watch. For me, i know my kids will enjoy my Speedmasters and Seamasters long after I'm dead. (They'll probably hit Ebay before my body is warm ).

    If your looking for a true 'cost of ownership'... buy a cheap quartz.

    99.9% of the people you'll encounter in life won't give a crap about whats on your wrist. All that matters is that you like it... Buy the one you want.


    PS. Of your choices I'd pick the SAR (automatic) w/ the Marathon bracelet.

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