(Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch
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Thread: (Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch

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    (Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch

    Hi, i've searched all over the internet to find information, pictures, videos or others for sale, but havent found any.
    Im trying to find out the value of this watch.
    Make: Mondaine
    Year: Early 70's
    Clock: Probably an ETA-2836 - Automatic - Day-Date - 25 Jewels - WATERPROOF - INCABLOC (Shock Protection System) - 36MM - Diamond cut hour indexes.
    Material: Stainless Steel & Crystal.
    Condition: 9.5/10, (it's been used for 1 month max) - 100% Original.
    Comes with: Original box and original guarantee papirs.
    Retail-price: 300-400USD, maybe even more! And this is back in the early 70's.
    (All the info is from Mondaine is Switzerland)
    Cool and special watch, i've tried to put this up a few places, but it seems like nobody knows about this watch.

    Please let me know if u know something more about this watch, thank you
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    Re: (Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch

    $ 300 - 400 ? Sorry, but you must be joking. Similar watch left auction house for £60.

    Let me quote rule 16

    16. Valuations. WatchUSeek does not offer valuations, nor do we recommend trying to have your watch valued online. Assessing the value of a watch is dependent on many factors, most of which require qualified persons having access to the watch directly. While members may provide their opinions as to the value of a watch, these are purely their opinions and do not represent WUS. If you need an value for insurance purposes, contact a qualified watchmaker who is certified for this activity (this varies from country to country), an auction house or a reputable watch dealer. The Complete Price Guide to Watches by Tom Engle, Richard E. Gilbert and Cooksey Shugart, published by Tinderbox Press of Mt Pleasant, SC, USA (commonly known as “Shugart”) is a recognized starting point for watch valuations, but this does not represent a recommendation to use that book as anything but a starting point in determining your watch’s value. As WatchUSeek is not in the business of watch valuation, we will not recommend anyone, but members may address individual requests with their own recommendations.
    Kind regards

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    Re: (Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch

    I have never seen these two words "Rare Mondaine" used in the same sentence.....
    "Either he's dead or my watch has stopped"
    Groucho Marx

    "The only reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once..."
    Albert Einstein

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    Re: (Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch

    Sorry but mondaine is not rare or unique. That would be like saying "die bahn" is rare. Since mondaine is the swiss railroad company and die bahn is the German rail company.

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    Re: (Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch

    At about a mile away in London Fog, I might mistake it for an AP Royal Oak.

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    Re: (Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch

    Whoa, that does not even resemble their current lineup.

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    Confused Re: (Need Help!) Rare Mondaine Watch

    "Rare" and Mondaine, just doesn't jive.

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