Need help on some vintage ladies watches

Thread: Need help on some vintage ladies watches

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    Need help on some vintage ladies watches

    Hey I inherited some vintage ladies watches and I'm wondering if they are worth anything or worth restoring. These seem like the better ones in the batch but there are also some McDonald's and Disney watches as well. I did some searching but ladies watches are harder to find information on.

    From left to right is a Gruin, Seiko, Duval, and Omega.
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    Re: Need help on some vintage ladies watches

    Hi, welcome to the forum,

    in comparison to men's watches, ladies watches are not as 'in demand' (majority of the hobbyest are men).

    Value for these watches will depend on;
    1. Brand name/recognition
    2. Gold and/or valuable stone content

    Restoration depends on cost of the restoration and added value it brings to the watch.
    Find out current market price for these (usual place to look is eBay) and see if it's worth the restoration cost.

    To try and figure its current (market) value, what I would do is go to eBay,
    search for "vintage (brand) ladies watch",
    1. Find out similar watch being listed
    2. Find out similar watch recently sold for

    The Omega most likely have the highest value,
    the others ... would depend more on,
    - gold content (if any)
    - precious stones (if any)
    - someone desiring that particular watch

    best of luck ~

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