In need of research help! Help Identify please!
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Thread: In need of research help! Help Identify please!

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    In need of research help! Help Identify please!

    Hi there guys!

    I recently took in a watch for a gentleman to try and value and gain a bit of history about it, however I can find nothing off of the few details on the watch itself. (I shall include pictures at the bottom)

    The owner said it belonged to his wife who was French so potentially bought in France? It is an amazing piece that I have never seen anything the likes off, I believe its a nurses FOB watch with original leather strap. However I have not seen a casing before like this..

    The details I can find on it say:
    - Cord FAB Suisse
    - Swiss
    - Cord w/3 stars
    - 15 Jewel FAB Suisse

    Any ideas or thoughts about it, would honestly be much appreciated!

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    Re: In need of research help! Help Identify please!

    Cord as a brand name was used by Robert H. Ingersoll & Bros. ("Ingersoll"), R. Vogt & Cie., Biel, Fabrique Juvenia, Didisheim-Goldschmidt Fils & Cie., La Chaux-de-Fonds.

    The watch was exported to France, that‘s no question. There was a French law (Art 15. de la loi du 11 janvier 1892) that said that it was prohibited to import into France any product whose brand, name, sign or mark could mislead the consumer, in the sense that it could be understood as having been produced in France whereas it was not the case. There was a tolerance for the watches whose dial was too small to have the whole rider printed. In that case, the short “Fab. Suisse” was accepted. Google „Cord fab. Suisse“ and a lot info will show up, and a lot of pendants.
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    Re: In need of research help! Help Identify please!

    Thank you Mike, this has definitely given me a better place to start looking! Do you know or have ever come any others constructed in the same shape/casing as this one? I think that's the hardest detail to find out about? Or do you think this type of casing could have maybe been a one off?

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    Re: In need of research help! Help Identify please!

    The closest thing I've seen is this Hamilton pendant from HamiltonChronicles. Looks like a very interesting piece.

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