Need some advice, with a budget in mind

Thread: Need some advice, with a budget in mind

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    Need some advice, with a budget in mind

    I've planned to invest in a new watch here soon but this time I want to pick out the perfect one for my tastes. I just recently got rid of my TAG F1 Chrono. I loved that watch, one of my favorites - i've even considered picking one up again, this time the newest model. However, before making that choice, I want to take into consideration several other watches in the same price range.

    I'm going to set a limit at $1000. I know this won't get me an extremely nice watch, but it should at least get my foot in the door.

    Like a stated, i loved the tag, but I think this go around I may shoot for something more 'classy' - something that would look good when dressed up. I have a Seiko as a daily, but I want something a little nicer now. The F1 was a good intermediate between daily and dress.

    I have always loved Breitling's, simply for their design and name, of course. I know that with my budget, I could most likely pick up a Colt Automatic off ebay ~$800-1000. Downside - not chrono (not a big deal though), small face (~38mm I think). Upside - auto, and it's a Breitling.

    I also considered the Hamilton Pilot Khaki X-wind.They can be found new on ebay for around $600-800. It is also an auto, like the colt, but it also is a chrono - which I really like. In addition, it has a large face ~44mm.

    A third choice would be another, newer, TAG F1 Chrono. I love the design, still a nice, sporty watch. Upside - ~41mm face, chrono, its a TAG, ~$800-1000. Downside - its a little more sporty, less formal.

    I have also considered trying out an Omega - the Seamaster seems like it'd be the best of those watches, correct?

    Lastly, what are you all's thoughts on Tissots? Are those a nice, classy watch or are they more entry level?

    Tag Heuer Aquaracer?

    In essence I would like the following:
    -Under $1000 - new or used, doesn't matter
    -Upscale, higher-end, classy
    -Prefer a larger face - more than 40mm (except for the Colt)
    -Chrono is nice, but not a must
    -No leather, or rubber bands

    Any other watches i'm missing out on?

    Here are the styles of watches I like, hopefully this will help you guys help me :

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    Re: Need some advice, with a budget in mind

    The Colt Auto II is 41.5mm (the same one in your picture). You can probably find a used one for a bit over a g.

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    Re: Need some advice, with a budget in mind

    I vote Hydroconquest Auto. Authenticwatches has them for $1200 and you can get $200 cash back using the live search deal through authenticwatches*com on the ebay store. Big though.

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    Re: Need some advice, with a budget in mind

    In that price range with your requirements I would also give Oris a look.

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