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    Need watch recommendations

    Hi so I have been having trouble finding the right watch for my scenario, hoping the vast knowledge here can help me out. I'm looking for a Swiss made or Swiss movement watch somewhere around $500 or less. I was originally looking at the Hamilton khaki field 42mm but it seems a bit small and I wasn't a huge fan of the crown. I really like the look of the Boldr expedetion as well but same thing with it being a bit small. I'm looking for a watch that I can throw on a NATO strap or put on a bracelet/leather to dress it up a bit. And I didn't like the khaki officer in 44mm, the numbers just appear far too large for my taste. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Looking for an automatic movement, no gold watches please.

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    Re: Need watch recommendations

    Ok what size are you looking for? Are you sure 42mm is to small, what’s your wrist size?

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    Re: Need watch recommendations

    Sometimes how a watch wears is a combination of factors that only include the diameter. Longer lugs, thinner bezels and lighter dials will all help.

    For a "wears large", "Strap monster" in your price range that's similar to but a little beefier than the Hamilton Khaki, I'd look at the Victorinox Airboss series:

    The original 3-handers are in process of being replaced so you can find bargains... if you act quickly before supplies dry up.

    Other stuff to look at would include Certina (same parent company as Hamilton) possibly the Steinhart pilot watches as they have 44mm (and up).
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