Double Speed ​​... a fast oscillators are now many think ..... but it is the most accurate one-hand at the time of the world.

There are watches that can be seen on the website of the manufacturer and it's kind of click in my head ... "The hat was and something different as usual in the watch market" .... only you can se not create and halt the arm can act.

But there was the "Day of German clock" when Uli (watches gamekeeper) and Lady Luck smiled upon me .... the one-hand watch was on site.

Created and for more than good .... and felt a few days ago has arrived se .... Zipp Zapp with everything and ne .... can the stupid as attracting dust, two bracelets un to find the right length .. .and an assessment form from the marks of the clock.

The clock itself has 44mm Durchmsesser .... but comes at arm over less.

As has been waived on a second hand ... is in the lower half of a window where the color in change from white to black ... changes to indicate that the clock is running.

The hour hand moves within 24 hours four times the round ... so you can read the time to 5 minutes until just ... Say nothing for seconds transitional Compensators ... but for something like this there are other watches ... where you pratschjeck himself makes whether the clock is still running well.

But finally the images of clock plus the handover ceremony at Uli
Best regards Heiner