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Thread: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    Poll is flawed. Sometimes only option is buy pre owned if the watch you want is discontinued and no longer sold as new.
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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    I have a mixed bag. 7 were new and 3 pre owned. 1 of the per owned was dad's, so I didn't really buy that one, although with the cost of the restoration ... The two I bought used were an older (model year 2000 or so) Zenith Elite where I prefer the older styling to new and a GV2 that was an impulse buy on the B/S/T thread.

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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    It depends upon the watch if I purchase used. If it's strictly vintage, no other choice exists. If it's new and someone is trying to flip it, I ponder why they want to flip a watch. For instance, if it is a watch speculator who is trying to net 100% profit on a limited edition watch he ordered only to flip it, there is no chance I will purchase it. I detest scalpers of all varieties.

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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    This poll needs the option "I only buy pre-owned if it's impossible to find new"

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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    I really don't like to worry about whether there are any problems with that watch I'm getting so I'm just a sucker for paying up the extra to get something new. There's also something nice about knowing you're the first person to own it.

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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    I bought my first Pelagos brand new, no discount. There is only one Rolex/Tudor AD in my city and they flat do not discount those two brands. After I sold it at a 33% loss I swore I would not buy new again unless it was one hell of a deal.

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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    Anymore I'll only buy new and from an AD. I just like knowing I was the first owner and that the watch has had a well cared for life (and a warranty), its probably irrational but peace of mind is worth the cost to me. I've only lost money on one watch (though it was minimal), and one is currently worth more than what I paid (going by used prices on the web). It really is a personal preference thing.

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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    New unless I want something vintage. That said, I haven't gotten into the big leagues where the new/used makes a huge difference yet..
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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    Or ya know, buy the watch new. Choices and all that.
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    Re: Never buy a Brand New Watch !

    I'm going to assume that there is an assumption that everyone only ever pays full retail when buying new from an AD.

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