Never Part with It?

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    Never Part with It?

    Some people like to buy and sell. Their tastes change or they don't seem to get too attached to things. I'm kind of the opposite in that it pains me to sell anything off even if I don't wear it. I guess I'm just a hoarder at heart.

    I have quite a few that will never leave my collection. My Sinn U1 comes to mind as well as my Dornbluth 99.0, Doxa 600t, Ocean7 LM-1, UTS 500, Stowa Prodiver and some iteration of the Blackwater.

    What are the ones in your collection that you will never part with?
    Rotating on my wrist this month: Stowa Blue WatchTime Flieger, Sinn EZM9, Sinn T1, Sinn 556 Blue, Stowa Antea LE Polish Forums, Stowa Verus 40, Damasko DS30 greenie, Sinn U1, Stowa Antea Klassik KS Rose, Nomos Tangente Silvercut

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    Re: Never Part with It?

    I am the same way... I dont want to sell off any of them even though I could do without a few of them, and I could use the $ towards bigger and newer purchases.

    So far the ones I wont part with for sure.. TSAR, Citizen Nighthawk in black ion, Swiss Army Chronopro, ESQ Beacon, and my Citizen Calibre 9000.

    It was VERY hard to come up with that short list.... very very hard.
    - Nick

    Cars or Watches... that is the question!

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    Re: Never Part with It?

    My Lucien Piccard seashark. Bought it 45 years ago this month.

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    Re: Never Part with It?

    a marathon sar that I polished out myself
    a pink seatime
    vixa nettuno
    vixa commando le
    anonimo trilogeo
    sinn u1
    sinn ux
    zeno fellows
    omega seamaster

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    Re: Never Part with It?

    -TAG-Heuer Carrera Classic
    -Omega COSC SMP Chrono 300M Diver
    -S/S Seal
    -Doxa SUB750T Pro GMT
    -Chase-Durer 1000Ft Special Forces UDT
    -Seiko Slimline (sentimental - the wife got it for me the first summer we met)

    AUT VIAM INVENIAM AUT FACIAM - "I will either find a way or make one."

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    Re: Never Part with It?

    Keep them forever and let the next generation worry about disposal. Here are two of mine from a while back.

    Gallet I received on Christmas 1959.

    Rolex I bought in 1968 as a reward to myself for passing an important exam.
    Yes the price was $215.00 plus tax, The price went up $15.00 from the time I ordered it till receipt.

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    Re: Never Part with It?

    My father's old Seamaster (getting passed on to my nephew, oldest male of the next generation), my High School graduation Seiko automatic (1978), and my titanium Seamaster. All the others are replaceable.

    DeVille Prestige 4800.31.01
    Seamaster, 1961, Gold, Cal. 500
    Seamaster Pro 2231.80
    Speedmaster 3523.30
    Speedmaster Pro 3570.50

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    Never Part with It?

    My 6309-7049 that I've had for 25+ years; the Festina red-dial chrono that my wife bought for me; the Monter family (all four); the Eco-Zilla....

    All the others are subject to sale at any given time .......

    Black Sammy, SS
    Invicta 8926, coin-edge bezel
    Seiko Pilots chrono
    Casio chrono
    TAG Pro 2000, white dial quartz
    Sawtooth, orange dial
    Silver/gold G-Shock, SS bracelet
    Seiko 5's; white and blue dials

    All who wander are not lost ...
    Be a traveler, not a tourist.

    A traveler doesn't know where he's going,
    a tourist doesn't know where he's been.

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    Re: Never Part with It?

    I have collected and traded/sold a lot of watches. I now have a collection that is almost just right. When the Omega SM120, the 2 Ploprofs and the SM200 return from Bienne I am sure I will keep all of those excepting one of the Ploprofs. The Certina and the Favre Leuba are also not going anwhere.

    I don't know how long it will last, but my collection is just right.
    2DARK Hardwood Watch Boxes are the real deal

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    Re: Never Part with It?

    My following...

    Rolex Submariner
    Omega Seamaster
    Marathon SAR-D
    Marathon G-SAR

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