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    New addition

    Hi all,

    Have been a long time fan of Kobold watches and just wanted to share the most recent arrival for me.

    Got the PS from a fellow WUS member at a great price and it is one heck of a piece. I had a Seal a while back but let it go . The PS doesn't have the heft of the Seal but it still has plenty of wrist presence. I love the chrono functionality, the GMT hand, and the am/pm indicator is awesome.

    This one has a black bezel insert like the Avantgarde. I think it balances the face of the watch well but I'm also wanting to see it with a SS bezel insert as well. I might call up Kobold and see if they can put on a SS insert for me in the future but for now, I'll stick with this look.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with the PS. In my eyes, it's one of the best (if not the best) all-around pieces that Kobold makes currently. It looks equally at home with a suit & alligator strap as it does on a nato while outdoors. It came with bracelet which is nice but I find that, as with my Seal, this Kobold screams to be worn on straps. Right now I have it on a Rhino strap and I have worn it with Kobold alligator as well.

    Here's a short pros/cons list (not many cons at all!) that I have put together after having the PS for about a week.

    -Wrist presence
    -Build quality
    -Unique factor

    -Cost: MSRP is quite high but a second hand one can be had very reasonably
    -Lume: Kobolds aren't known for being lume beasts and this one is no exception. After a full charge, it glows well but it doesn't last through the night.
    -Crown: The main crown is a joy to wind once unscrewed but it has more resistance than I'm used to when re-screwing. I don't think there's anything wrong with the crown itself seeing that it was just serviced 5 months ago. If any other PS owners can chime in about their crowns, I would appreciate it.

    If anyone is on the fence about a PS or Kobolds in general I would say don't hesitate, go for it! Kobold is making quite a name for itself these days and the reason is clear: they make fantastic timepieces. How often can you wear a unique, functional, and durable watch that you probably won't see anyone else wear?

    Thanks for reading!


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    Re: New addition

    Wow! Great watch. Enjoy.
    You can't buy time but you can always buy a watch.

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    Re: New addition

    Very Nice!!!

    Congrats on a great new addition!
    Al G.
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    Re: New addition

    Bryan --AWESOME Wear it in good health --and post some pics from your adventures. Maybe a SEAL will be in your future.

    I love the look of the PS and hope to get one some time in the (far) future

    God Bless, Liz

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    Re: New addition

    I agree, the PS is one of the most versatile watches on the market today.
    Enjoy it!

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    Re: New addition

    Gotta say that PS looks great on that Zulu....... I like the Black and black bezel.
    Enjoy !
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    Re: New addition

    Great watch! Isn't it the Polar Surveyor II?

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    Re: New addition

    The PS is one of my favorite kobolds - probably top three with the LSD and Soarway Diver. I switch between a nato and the bracelet.

    Enjoy - and hold this for a long time - they are getting harder and harder to come by.


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    Re: New addition

    Stunning! I agree it looks perfect on the nato. How about some bracelet/strap photos?

    Enjoy and wear in good health.


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    Re: New addition

    Thanks for all the positive comments guys.

    I do believe it is a regular Polar Surveyor, not the type II because it doesn't have the all white hands the PS II has. Also, the bezel on mine has every other Arabic numeral whereas the PS II has every Arabic numeral on the bezel.

    Here are some wrist shots of the PS on bracelet. I only have 6.75'' wrists, so the bracelet definitely has the signature "little wrist Kobold bendy thing" to it. However, this is less pronounced on the PS than when I had the Seal. I find this watch much more manageable for me on bracelet than the Seal. I loved the heft of the Seal, but gosh it was almost too much for me day in/day out when it was on bracelet.

    I'll post pics of it on alligator strap sometime soon.

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