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    New brand launched: Vertigo Berlin

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    A young guy in Berlin, Tobias Wiethoff set up a new brand. The very first models are currently shown on VERTIGO BERLIN - Uhren - Dreh´Dein Ding!. 6 models, all powered by a chinese hw movement (PTS 9312 = Hangzhou), 17 jewels, b/h, power reserve of about 40h.

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    Crystal on front and back: mineral.

    Prices vary from 185 to 225 Euro.

    There are 4 models available in the Clubmaster Line

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    Case (136L stainless steel) diameter is 45mm, height is 12mm.

    The Sunbeam range currently consists of 2 models. Diameter here is 43,5mm, height 11mm.

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    All pics courtesy of Vertigo/Trusted Watch
    Kind regards

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    Re: New brand launched: Vertigo Berlin

    Very nice pieces.
    I can see one of these coming my way in the near future.

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    Re: New brand launched: Vertigo Berlin

    That's really nice. I think just the brand logo is way too big, but aside of that it's really good looking watch.

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    Re: New brand launched: Vertigo Berlin

    I'm getting Vertigo just looking at a couple.

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    Re: New brand launched: Vertigo Berlin

    not my cup of tea.

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    Re: New brand launched: Vertigo Berlin

    These are actually pretty cool looking watches! 45mm is way too big for me, though... at 40-41mm I'd be interested.
    It's refreshing for a company to be so open about the origin of it's Chinese movements-- perhaps this is indicative of a growing acceptance of China made watches/movements.
    Also indicative of the growing use of Chinese movements by European based start-ups and smaller established brands due to Swatch Group/ETA "wait listing" or squeezing the supplies of movements to smaller companies. I've recently noticed that in the UK, RLT Watch Co. put out five new models using Chinese Seagull Unitas, and a new company, Fitzroy watches, is using Swiss finished Seagull chronograph movements.
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    Re: New brand launched: Vertigo Berlin

    Not bad actually, I don't think I'd own one, but if they help spark a youth interest in mechanicals, maybe a good thing.

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