New to Forum, could use some advice
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Thread: New to Forum, could use some advice

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    New to Forum, could use some advice

    I was told about this forum by a friend of mine, the same friend who gifted me a used Sieko Monster recently (it's in the shop getting serviced at the moment...I miss it). I've always thought a decent watch was something I'd get eventually but now I see that the cost of a decent watch isn't as high as I had expected.

    With this in mind I was thinking of getting my father a watch. Unfortunately he's not all the fewer buttons and features the better, otherwise he'll get confused by it like he does the computer...or the VCR. He has always worn what I would call a 'target special' just some quartz cheap watch you can get at any general store (target, meijer, walmart, etc). Given his line of work, he works retail in a hardware store it's really more of a time sink as he prepares to retire, he'd need something a bit durable like a dive or pseudo dive watch. I do not believe he would keep up with a hand wind watch, but I think he would appreciate something that doesn't need batteries. With my limited knowledge of what is out there and what I'd expect for what he would like I was considering something like an eco-drive citizen for him. Something basic with time and date on the face and just the crown to adjust like he is used to for time zone changes or date skips due to short months.

    So I'm asking the experts what your opinions are and if this direction makes sense. I have lots of time to think about it since he doesn't retire for a few more years, but I'd like to get it for him sometime before that.

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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a Seiko SKX007. Any Eco Drive would do too as it's solar.

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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    Seiko, good choice. For a grown mans father, not knowing his age and activity level(getting out)...just
    a battery powered quartz Seiko.
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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    The Citizen BV1085 is eco-drive, simple, easy to read, and won't break the bank.
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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    Citizen eco drives are a fantastic watch, he will never have to worry about charge, just him wearing it every day will leave it on full charge, go check out the online store Dutyfreeisland, they sell 100% genuine watches, imo the best price on the net, and they have a great range of citizen eco drive divers, they have good size hands so he can read them easy, good lume for in bed at night, you can pick up the basic models for around 100 bucks, the eco drive beats kinetic hands down, you cant go wrong with a citizen, and the shop ive mentioned above is a great online store.

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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    Price range?
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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    Yeah, what's the budget OP?

    If he wears his current watch everyday (or most days) then I'd definitely say to get him an automatic. Can't really say much more than that without knowing what you can spend....

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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    It's the Radio wave watch. Or
    Wait a few years, the GPS watch. It will be more small, more low price.

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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    An automatic is great if he will wear the same watch every day, but...
    ...will he want to have to set the time again regularly - or just strap it on or leave it? An automatic watch could easily gain a couple of minutes a month. Would he find that annoying and want to set the time every couple of weeks? Would he find that annoying?
    I think that interaction is something that a lot of us take for granted, or even enjoy, especially if the watch is part of a rotation.
    It may be that solar is a better way to go.
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    Re: New to Forum, could use some advice

    A solar radio watch would be ideal. On the minus side they often come with extra bells and whistles but on the plus side he can just "wear and forget" them.

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