New to Forum and Question about broken watches.

Thread: New to Forum and Question about broken watches.

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    New to Forum and Question about broken watches.

    Hello, new here. In my search for a nice new watch, i came across this website and realized after reading for a few hours I am more interested in watches than I thought, so here I am. I do not own a really nice watch but that is how I ended up here. In reading, I was wondering if there is a market for used/broken watches (two Wenger watches and cant remember the other one I have). I know they are not top of the line, but was wondering if people are interested in them to repair or practice working/learning on. Are they worth trying to sell here or is ebay better? Also, is it best to sell them as a group or individually?

    As far as moving into nicer watches, I am looking at Hamilton field watches to start. I really like the relatively simple appearance.

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    Re: New to Forum and Question about broken watches.

    Hello, and welcome to WUS!

    Regarding your can try listing your used/nonworking items in the sales forum to see if anyone wants to pick them up for parts or to practice on, but you're more likely to find buyers faster on eBay, especially if they're quartz movements (most WUS members favor automatics or hand-winders). You could list them all as a group if you just want to get rid of them, or individually if you think you can get better prices for them separately.

    Hamiltons are really nice watches, and would make a good choice for a new collector who can afford them. I have a 42mm Khaki Field Automatic on bracelet in my rotation (i.e. watches I wear on a regular basis). Solidly built with a classic movement and a sapphire crystal, it's hard to go wrong with one.

    Best wishes to you as you start down this new path of watch collecting.


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    Re: New to Forum and Question about broken watches.

    Hamilton, Tissot... they have diversified collections of watches to stare at.
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