New to this forum? Say hello here!

Thread: New to this forum? Say hello here!

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    New to this forum? Say hello here!

    Other forums I frequent all have a check in here thread. This is me suggesting a sticky to compile all the "new guy or gal" threads into one thread.

    Others can stop in and say hello to new members it works great.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    Re: New to this forum? Say hello here!

    We don't work that way here - you sign up and you're a full fledged member able to post anywhere, anywhy, any how. And we will welcome you no matter what forum you post in. If you were shunted off into some "Newbie Hell" sticky most of us wouldn't see your post because we are to busy in the real forums solving the worlds watch problems.

    Suggestions? Just one. Photoshop your avatar - I like it but it's kinda hard to see clearly.

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