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    New here, Hi!

    Good morning, New here just wanted to introduce myself. A little while ago I found this site while researching a watch my father has. well yesterday I joined up and will most likely ask some pretty stupid questions. I have a few hobbies, pen making, knife making and now watches. I find myself trolling the department stores, pawn shops and antique markets in search of a fix. This place is kind of like crack but in a good way, unless you ask my wife. Found a couple of deals thus far but I must ask? When will it end! There should be a warning posted before entering this site. I keep telling myself. oh just one more or after this I'm done. Can anyone tell me is there watchoholics anonymous group I can join? Seriously, I'm enjoying this and hope to learn as much as I possible.

    Keith L.

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    Re: New here, Hi!

    Welcome. I'm new here also, but have really been enjoying this site for the last couple of months. Lots of interesting threads and some gorgeous pics.

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    Re: New here, Hi!

    Welcome! ...Oh, and I don't think there is ever an "end" to the madness once you've been bitten by the bug!

    Looking forward to some of your pics!

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    Re: New here, Hi!

    Welcome! There is no end....resistance is futile.

    Whatcha got in your watch collection? And yeah, pics are pretty much mandatory.
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    Re: New here, Hi!

    Agree with previous posters, the watchaholic group does actually help... to get deeper in the watch world ;)
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    Re: New here, Hi!

    Welcome to a great place. Most everyone here is a watch-a-holic, so don't expect us to help you break the addiction.

    Don't make me go Blackbelt on ya!
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    Re: New here, Hi!

    A fellow collector once said coming here for help to cure a watch addiction is like holding AA meetings in a bar. You'll have fun here, and if your wife doesn't like it tell her you aren't in a bar 'til odd hours chasing skirts. There are way worse hobbies than this - you can't get speeding tickets, the storage is easy and relatively small, and there's usually resale value.

    ....and don't mind us - we are a bit sarcastic sometimes but it's meant to be funny. Give as you get and you'll do just fine!

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    Re: New here, Hi!

    As we've all said: I never end, it just gets worse!

    Welcome aboard!
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    Re: New here, Hi!

    Welcome, Keith! Glad to have you aboard.

    So, what do you have in your collection so far?

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    Re: New here, Hi!

    Welcome to the forum Keith and wish you many good years of collecting! Ah well, it's probably a disease which you wouldn't want to get cured of ... do share your watch pics when you get the time.
    A few of this and some of the other ...

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