New on here thanks for having me. Brand question
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Thread: New on here thanks for having me. Brand question

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    New on here thanks for having me. Brand question

    I have had many different brands and types that I Have enjoyed during my life with my latest that I have been into is the atomic solar G-shocks. Maybe its something to do with aging and the simplicity of not dealing with the winding or batteries and keeping up with the accuracy that I used to enjoy. As I notice the popularity of the brands on the forums I cant help wonder why such little interest in citizen in this market as opposed to seiko and casio. I know seiko had some problems at first with their kinetics and casio developed from all digital to nice models with hands.i assume the digital being the most accurate +/- per month/day, has me wondering on opinions, experiences of what everyone thinks about the quality and dependability of the main three solar brands and surprisingly the least amount commenting on citizen considering the big presence in the market. They seem to be everywhere. Thanks again for letting me enjoy such an interesting site of like minded people

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    Re: New on here thanks for having me. Brand question

    Welcome to the forum. I think the solar technology has stabilized and I haven't really heard of much difference between the brands these days. All three (Seiko, Citizen, Casio) make great watches, so I think it's down to the looks and other functions you want.

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    Hello and welcome!

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    Re: New on here thanks for having me. Brand question


    Here's my take. Growing up, Citizen and Seiko were both aspirational and my first decent (non-fashion) watch was a Citizen. They make very good watches today in their price segment, but there are a few things that I think hurt their perception among some buyers:

    - While Citizen makes perfectly good automatic movements, their push towards Eco-Drive solar and away from conventional batteries has become their main selling point. They almost completely ignore the automatics (which are probably also much more eco-friendly than disposable battery quartz.) Without these automatics serving as a halo product, it's hard to get enthusiasts interested. There are going to be a contingent of watch nerds who won't consider quartz anything to be a "serious watch" and a contingent who simply won't buy quartz no matter what. It's that lack of "halo" or "step-up" products that can hurt them.

    - Eco-Drive embodies one set of compromises that's just inherent-- something on the watch has to be translucent so you can put a photovoltaic panel in. That can lead to date wheels that are sunk very deeply and hard to read, but more to the point it means that dials can only look certain ways-- you can't get a nice enamel dial because it's not translucent. Some colors/designs look cool...some others not so much. IME, they don't do white dials well on just about any design and that's kind of important for certain types of watch.

    - Citizen's' branding isn't clearly communicated as Eco-Drive has moved to swallow up almost everything. There's a lot of different tiers of product that all get conflated.

    - They don't have many lines that have caught on as highly collectible, like G-shocks. There are a few, but not nearly to the extent of Seiko or Casio. They don't offer lots of variations on most models and the few that they do-- they're region-locked most of the time. Seiko does regional exclusives as well, but the market has evolved to understand that global buyers want these collectible models and they're available more easily than it would be to get (for example) a Red Arrows Skyhawk in the US or a Blue Angels Skyhawk in the UK.

    But on the plus side, you can often get good deals on Citizen, their GPS stuff is pretty cool and much more affordable than the Seiko alternative and they have a good history of buying and supporting other companies-- not sucking them into the mothership and just using the brand. Bulova has lots of exclusive tech, and they haven't messed with Alpina/Frederique Constant at all AFAIK.
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    Re: New on here thanks for having me. Brand question

    In my experience Citizen watches are slightly (and I mean slightly) more reliable than Seiko but they just don’t give me the same buzz as Seiko designs do.

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    Re: New on here thanks for having me. Brand question

    Welcome! What rfortson said! I prefer the seiko solar design look to the other brands.

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    Re: New on here thanks for having me. Brand question

    I have worked in an AD for both Citizen and Seiko back in the late 90's/early 2000's and found they were both excellent. It is true that Seiko had some problems with capacitors in their early Kinetics but such innovations are prone to teething problems and they seemed to sort it quite professionally. At that stage it was hard to choose between them and still there are quite a few similar equivalents where there is nothing between them, the name Seiko just caught the public imagination though and I feel there is more love for the brand.
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    Re: New on here thanks for having me. Brand question

    Probably not smart to have your username be your email address
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