New Interest, Maybe a Collector?

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    New Interest, Maybe a Collector?

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I figured this would be fine.

    I'm a freshmen in college and I've started to have an interest in watches. I have three watches now but I frequently find myself looking at collector watches that I'd like to have. I was wondering if someone could maybe point me out where to start, and how to store them. The three watches I have are special and look great to me, but probably are just basic watches. I'm a techy/geeky person, so I'll be getting the Apple watch when it comes out. I've been looking for the original Apple watch that came out in 1995 as i think that'd be a nice collectors item.

    The watches I have are a gold konigswerk(never heard of the brand before,made out of stainless steel I assume, but it's gold in color), a stainless steel wenger Swiss military, and a running timex one. Right now, i just put them in a desk drawer or leave them somewhere so I was wondering if there was a proper way to store them. That is if these are worth storing in a protective way.

    IF anyone has any input or anything at all, I greatly appreciate it.


    Edit: Is there a site or a good way to keep track of the watches you have with their info? I've had previous collections in other things and i kept an online log that had exactly what i had.
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    Re: New Interest, Maybe a Collector?

    Use Google and "Watch Boxes" or similar search terms and you can find a number of them. Lots on Amazon and eBay as well

    Watch boxes, or watch cases, or watch rolls, are usually the most common terms used.

    This is a good previous thread -
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