New Longines changes date at 12:08am...
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Thread: New Longines changes date at 12:08am...

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    Confused New Longines changes date at 12:08am...


    I bought a new Longines Conquest Automatic 39mm (L3.776.4.16.6) last week which I am in love with... This watch has a Longines L619/888 caliber based on the ETA 2892-A2 movement.

    However, I noticed today that the date changeover happens at 12:08am, whereas I expected this would happen at 12:00am. In fact, I noticed that the date changeover started at 11:45pm and then ‘clicked’ over at 12:08am.

    Is this normal? This is my first automatic watch and I have only today learned that the date should only be set in certain circumstances. When I started wearing my watch I did not know this, and I am concerned that there is a possibility that I set the date during the ‘forbidden interval’. I’m not 100% certain that I did initially set the date during the ‘forbidden interval’ but it’s a possibility as I can’t remember. If I did do this, would this be a symptom of that? Is there anything else I should look out for that would also indicate that I may have changed the date during the forbidden interval?

    Would really appreciate any help and advice. The watch is under warranty for two years and I bought it from an official Longines boutique.

    Thank you so much! :)

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    Re: New Longines changes date at 12:08am...

    Doesn't sound like you broke anything.

    Most likely the hands were attached slightly out of sync with the date change from the factory. Most movements have a gradual date change as you've described.

    I would just enjoy the watch and that particular quirk. Alternatively you could try exchanging it for another one, testing the date change by advancing the time a full day via the crown and seeing if the date flicks over at a reasonable point.
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    Re: New Longines changes date at 12:08am...

    Date changeover in most watches is "around" midnight, so it can click over a few minutes before or after. 12:08 sounds perfectly normal for something that isn't a Rolex.

    How long it takes depends on the movement. ETAs and clones take about 20 minutes from when you notice the date starting to move to when it clicks over. Seikos take almost 2 hours.

    If you damaged the mechanism, the date wouldn't change at all.
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    Re: New Longines changes date at 12:08am...

    Thanks for your replies, you've really put my mind at rest :)

    I spoke to the Longines Boutique where I bought the watch from and they confirmed the same. Basically, the watch movement begins the date change around 11.45 and should complete this by 12.15 at the latest, so my watch is working as expected, phew!

    The gentleman at Longines I spoke to also said the same, that if I had damaged the movement by accidentally setting the date during the 'forbidden interval' that the date wouldn't change at all. So even though I don't remember if I did this or not, he's certain that I didn't as the date change behaviour is normal.

    Thanks again for your replies - going to stop worrying now and just enjoy the beautiful watch on my wrist! :)
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    Re: New Longines changes date at 12:08am...

    If it clanked over a 08:12 I’d have something to say but 12:08 seem perfectly reasonable to me.
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    Re: New Longines changes date at 12:08am...

    With the crew, not that unusual with Tom Jones singing in the background.

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    Re: New Longines changes date at 12:08am...

    I have the same watch, and mine "clicks" at 12:05. Perfectly normal, it's always been between 12 and 12:10 in all my ETA 2824/ETA2892 watches.
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