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Thread: New models vs. Established models - Quality

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    New models vs. Established models - Quality

    Hey there -

    Thinking about a comparison to new car models or software releases, do you find models, generally, that have been in production for a while have better or worse quality than those that are newly introduced? I remember buying the early Damasko models that work perfectly to this day but have also bought some established models (not Damasko) that have had some quality issues (Doxa). Maybe just my bad luck (a the companies he ben very responsive), but interested in what you have seen.

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    Re: New models vs. Established models - Quality

    So far no diff from Patek, ALS, JLC, Rolex, BP, Nomos and Omega, the brands from which I've purchased both old and new models . .
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    Re: New models vs. Established models - Quality

    Thanks Doc. I was afraid that as the watches became more mass produced that the quality would tend to drop. Looking to fill out my collection with some coveted classics.. :)

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    Re: New models vs. Established models - Quality

    What timeframes are you thinking of? Watches from 20-30 years back just plain won't have the quality we expect now...
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    Re: New models vs. Established models - Quality

    It depends on whether the makers are willing to take feedbacks and comments posted either direct to the makers, or thru other channels like social media such as facebook or forums, on the subject of their products.

    If the makers take it, they will implement the changes to their prototypes to determine if the changes are feasible in workability as well as production costs. The changes may also determine if the final products will appeal to wider crowds, be it they will be potential buyers or not.
    If the makers don't take it... i'm not surprised. After all, the makers have spent lots of money to employ designers to produce a product to their brand, a marketing team to push their product to the mass market. Who's gonna be dumb to listen to a small group of whiners how their product appeals to them or not?
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