Which new Omega?
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Thread: Which new Omega?

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    Which new Omega?

    I've narrowed down my upcoming purchase to two models that were recently introduced at Baselword 2013.. the seamaster aqua terra 15,000 gauss anti-mag or the speedmaster 57' blue face.

    Although quite different, both look great to me and have many similarities...great in-house movements, 41.5 mm size, display case backs and water resistance with screw down crowns (greater 150m on the seamaster). Both should be introduced later on this year and my local Omega dealer says the price should be similar on both.. 5.5 to 6K.

    Would like to hear everyone's opinion on these 2 models...pros/cons, if it was your money which one would you get? which one better overall for every-day wear? which is better for formal AND casual wear? which do you think has a more timeless design that will age better?

    The plan is to keep this watch for many years with no interest in selling, eventually passing it on to my son. This will be my daily workhorse until I can afford my grail piece, the Patek Nautilus! (I hope! lol). Thank you for everyone's input!

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    Re: Which new Omega?

    Probably best to ask this in the Omega forum.
    Speaking personally I'd get the aqua terra because I don't like chronographs.

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    Re: Which new Omega?

    I think the AT's look is "safer" and will probably age better. I love the coaxial speedies but that one isn't my favorite configuration... it is still a nice watch though.

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    Re: Which new Omega?

    Two great watches. Of the two, my preference is the AT. Very versatile and drop dead gorgeous. I can see that watch with jeans and t-shirt or a suit.

    Now, as to your question if it were my money.... For those prices, I would most likely be looking at a different watch... JLC, Zenith, or RGM come to mind. Perhaps even a Sub no-date or Datejust II. However, if you can get a decent discount (I got 32% off of my Omega from an AD) that would be a different story.

    Just my 2 cents. I don't think you can lose with those two choices. Let us know what you decide.
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    Re: Which new Omega?

    Those are great watches... However, your post might be more working on Omega discussion panel, Congratulation n good luck with those watches :)

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    Re: Which new Omega?

    Unless you have long time some affinity toward chronographs, I advise you to get the AT. The chronograph may interesting immediately after the purchase but if you do not really use it you may get tired of it. The chronographs I have I rarely use them these days. So for the sake of beauty, basic utility, simplicity and cheap maintenance my vote go for the AT. But I would buy the Skyfall instead:

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    Re: Which new Omega?

    I like the AT better between those two. That being said, if I were to pick up a new AT it would more likely be the 38.5 mm AT 8500. Maybe I'll warm up to this new one eventually, but unless I truly had a need for the antimagnetic capabilities of the 15000 Gauss, I'd be sticking to the more classic AT, in the slightly smaller size, which I think works better for this watch.

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    Re: Which new Omega?

    Of those two, I'd take the AT, mainly because I already have a Speedmaster Pro.
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    Re: Which new Omega?

    I like the AT more as well. I dont like the price though. But if you are set to get it, sure its a very nice watch indeed.

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    Re: Which new Omega?

    I'd go with the AquaTerra - but as someone else said, maybe not the anti-magnetic one. I suspect you'll find the ordinary AT just as compelling as that one - and you could put the saved money into your Patek Phillippe savings fund.

    To my mind, there's only one Speedmaster to own - the Professional, with the Hesalite Crystal. It comes with its limitations, but it is the classic Omega Chronograph.
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