We got to take a much closer look at Grand Seiko’s three new Kimono LEs this week and took plenty of photos of each!

If you’re a Grand Seiko fan, you already know how hard it is to photograph GS dials, so check out our short video where you can get a better feel for each model’s dynamic qualities here.

If the steel/blue model, the rose gold model, or even the platinum model appeals to you, make sure to click on their respective links to visit their pre-order pages!

The rose gold model may have been my favorite of the three, which is a bit rare for me. The dial, with rose gold tones, is less “dynamic” than the blue model, but more so than the platinum, which is just right for me., The coloration of the dial is much subtler than the blue/steel model as well.

Next, we look at the other watch vying for my favorite, the platinum model with a white dial. This is by far the most subtle of all three dials, and it requires more attention to really appreciate. Look closely, however, and it comes to life. It almost has a Snowflake quality to it, but with an interesting sheen and sparkle when the light hits it just right.

The dials of all of these watches are very dynamic, but this is especially true of the steel/blue dial model. Depending on the angle and intensity of the lighting, the pattern on the dial can be extremely overt, and yet, in other lighting it disappears into a relatively uniform soft blue.

Hopefully one of these will not already be sold when they arrive in store so we can do a full review on it! Which was your favorite?