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    Picture NEW: Romain Jerome >>>

    "Titanic-DNA" -

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    Re: NEW: Romain Jerome >>>

    I wonder if it comes with a hex-key to wind it? Hex-heads seems to be
    vogue on watches these days. To me, it's a very stupid look.

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    Re: NEW: Romain Jerome >>>

    I like the look and design but the watch is in bad taste. It has been an interesting subject many times and to contain fragments of actual Titanic metal is grave robbing. Next they'll dig up famous corpses and use real bone fragments to integrate in some way.

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    Re: NEW: Romain Jerome >>>

    Hi -

    Jeez, don't give them any ideas!

    "Introducing the James Dean memorial model! This fantastic watch, with a renowned Chinese quartz movement, uses actual ash from James Dean 's burial urn included in the paint on the dial! Now only $4,999.99, three easy payments of $2,000 per month! Don't miss this fantastic deal, every James Dean fan has to have this one!"

    I really thought that the Titanic site was considered a burial ground: this is really rather borderline at best...

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    Re: NEW: Romain Jerome >>>

    Really bad taste. Has something of grave robbery. Marketing with catastrophe/death as magnet.
    Next thing they use will be....
    (no, better not, I refrain from giving additional bad taste ideas)

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    Re: NEW: Romain Jerome >>>

    I think that those are in poor taste as well!
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    Re: NEW: Romain Jerome >>>

    Ya know, that's a shame. It's a handsome watch, but the whole ploy with the metal from the Titanic is really distasteful.
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    The real picture is a little bit different !:oops:

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