Hey Cats,
Here's the latest thrift store finds for me today. Got this little batch for $7can I bought the bag for that vintage Rodania you see here, it's all original including the well distressed strap, I give it a thorough polishing and buffed the glass to as best I can, it was extremely scratched so much so it really obscured the dial. Wasn't sure what the watch was until I disassemled it and found that it has a beautiful 25 Jewel automatic movement with hacking and it is also quick set day & date. Iwas running about 2 min slow so I regulated it back to acceptable accuracy. This movement is so smooth running the second hand looks like it just glides along I think this is due to the gold hand against the root beer like background masking the ticking motion. I'll take it apart again to work the lense some more later.
The other noteworthy watch is that Suunto like digtal deal that has altimeter, Barometer, Time, Stopwatch, mutiple alarms, timer etc. it has a mineral lense as well. The brand name is Tuborg but I can't find anything about anywhere online so I'm thinking it's a promo piece made for the Tuborg Beer company because of a similar font style. The watch is called Alltimeter II.
The small watch is a gold with white enamel treated case and bracelet womans watch. This is a "Birks" collection piece released years ago, Birks happens to be my primary top brand watch store I shop at. Canadians here will know who Birks is. Pretty much a top boutique style Jeweller in my country.
The last is a total piece of bling bling junk, China movement and cheesy gold mesh case and bracelet as a one piece, haven't tried a battery for it yet, if it doesn't work that's fine it'll be fun to make jokes about.
Check out the pic folks.