New to watches; have some questions

Thread: New to watches; have some questions

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    New to watches; have some questions

    Hi all,

    I've been interested in owning a watch for some time now, but I've yet to pull the trigger. I'd like to ask a few questions so I don't stray down the wrong path.

    1) Is a reputable dealer? They have a watch I'm interested in. It's listed in the $700s and it is on sale in the $100s.

    2) What is the scoop on Emorio Armani watches? There are a couple I like the look of, but no one seems to talk about the brand. I wouldn't be surprised to find that they're re-branded.

    3) There is a Roamer watch I'm interested in. Has anyone had any experience with them?

    4) Lastly, is there anything I should really know when choosing a watch? I'd like to start with an every-day watch. I like round, simple watches that don't have a lot going on.

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: New to watches; have some questions

    Hey Andy! Welcome to WUS.

    1)I have a friend who actually just bought a handbag from there, and she said that it was great.
    2)Armani watches are (as far as i know) made by Fossil and have Chinese movements inside of them unless otherwise stated
    3)None at all, ill let someone else answer this one.
    4) Its really helpful to do a quick search of the forums using the bar in the upper right hand corner before buying. Chances are someone else on the forum already owns or has owned the watch youre looking at, and will be more than willing to give you their $.02

    Good Luck with the purchase!!

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