New Zenith models ...
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Thread: New Zenith models ...

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    Cool New Zenith models ...

    Hope it's alright to link to another forum (no affiliation with it, personally) ... just thought that the watches looked pretty sharp!

    A lot of models from the Nataf-era are also being re-issued with new designs (tourbillons and other complications). There has been news of a Zenith El Primero Pilot, Stratos and Perpetual Calendar. The cal. 2572 from the '60s is also being reissued in new models (perhaps in 2012). There are also plans afoot for a 360,000 vph model (not a separate chrono module like the Tag, the integrated base mvmt. would beat at that freq. ... estimated power reserve = 40 hrs).

    Some evidence of El Primeros in 2 sizes in the near future - 38mm and 42mm, with the shift in date back to 4:30 for the 38mm models. Also, some talk of refreshing/redesigning the El Primero and launching that new mvmt. in 2015. Ambitious plans indeed ...
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    A few of this and some of the other ...

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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    Great link! Thank you. The Elite Ultrathin.... mmmm want....
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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    Will see them in Basel
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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    I hate to say it, but none of these do much for me. They just don't seem very innovative or stylish or ground-breaking to me. I could easily imagine them having a "Seiko" or even a "Fossil" logo instead of "Zenith". Heresy, I know, but that's the way I feel, they just seem pretty boring to me. Sorry! Thanks for the link though...

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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    There may not be anything ground breaking , but the Captain looks real nice. I like the retro looks.

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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    Nice. Really like the Elite Ultra Thin.

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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    Sweet stuff

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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    Nice link. Zenith doesn't do much for me personally, I'm afraid. Having said that, the movements inside these do look pretty awesome.

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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    Although the Zenith models are nice, it's the vintage Enicars that excite me the most. It's rare for me to like big watches but those are fantastic!
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    Re: New Zenith models ...

    nice, thank for posting.
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