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    Newbie question

    I am new to the forums here and had a question about a desk clock instead of a watch. I first want to thank everyone for the great posts, and the "search" function, as they helped me decide on a new watch for Christmas. I have always worn inexpensive Timex watches and wanted something nicer. Went with a Seiko Pilot's SND255. It is a start on a nicer watch collection I intend to grow. Anyway, I would like a nice desk clock for my office. Nothing to fancy, just a nice accurate easy to read clock. I love the look of the Bell & Ross watch in the top corner of the web page. Where might I find a clock that looks something like that?


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    Well, you may check ebay for cockpit clocks (Poljots are not that expensive) and you may have a look at our Pilots-Military-Watches-Forum, there's a current thread reg. those clocks which can easily be useed as a desk clock.

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