Newbie saying Hello and needing help

Thread: Newbie saying Hello and needing help

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    Newbie saying Hello and needing help

    Greetings my name is Leigh and although I've been lurking for a few months I've finally registered. I found this site when I was doing research on finally buying myself a decent watch that I could wear daily at my construction job and ended up with a Seiko SKX007 J1. As I'm sure most of you know one decent watch is never enough and I've always loved the look of watches and what they say about the owner, as I've always told my daughters " you can tell a man by his watch and his shoes and never trust anyone with a neon plastic digital ". So bitten by the bug I'm up to over 20+ watches in a few months, mostly Swiss, French and Russian and have even started to perform simple repairs and services with mixed results.
    I was Born in Besancon France to British parents, moved back to England when I was four and have been in California for almost thirty years. My Dad was an engineer and worked for Timex both in Besancon and Dundee and thats where the bug was germinated I believe and he had drawer with five or six watches in which I thought was the coolest thing. So my collecting efforts are partly based around watches from Besancon in the sixties and seventies. Dad told me stories that I may be misremembering about Besancon being a huge watchmaking town and all sorts of skullduggery due to it's proximity to Switzerland and bits being shunted backwards and forwards in order to get them labelled "Swiss Made" The brands I've managed to identify as Besancon made are

    Besancon (duh)
    Kelton (Timex)

    Am I correct with these? and are there more brands from Besancon circa sixties and seventies?

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    Re: Newbie saying Hello and needing help

    I'll just say "welcome aboard" and leave it to others with more knowledge than me to answer your question.

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    Re: Newbie saying Hello and needing help

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Re: Newbie saying Hello and needing help

    Kind regards

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    Re: Newbie saying Hello and needing help

    Welcome but I have no insight into your question and look forward to some enlightenment


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    Re: Newbie saying Hello and needing help

    greetings...and I have no idea either,,but can't wait for some education from those who do know....

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    Re: Newbie saying Hello and needing help

    Welcome to the forum! Like a few of the others, I leave it to others to answer that question. I am still learning quite a bit from this forum and I hope you find an answer soon.

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