Nicest date windows (and wheels)
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Thread: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

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    Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    It's a small detail that often gets overlooked, but I feel is quite important to the look of the dial. If a date window is too small, or isn't beveled to be flush with the date wheel, I think it cheapens the look of a watch. A nice big date window that's beveled to be flush with the date window is always a plus for me. I also like a big thick metal border, rather than a painted line around the window. But I've noticed on a few watches (Rolex Sea Dwellers - at least on the 1220m, and certain versions of the IWC 3536) they go a step further, and make the beveled edge have a glossy, liquid-like appearance that to me looks the best. How do the rest of you feel about date windows?

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    Re: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    To me, one of the most important thing when it comes to date window is that it does not break the overall balance of the dial, especially for three hands watches.

    I also enjoy to see how much detail and the number of facets that can be included in the edges of the window and how it can play with the light in various angles.

    A special font for the date wheel is an added bonus.

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    Re: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    Neither my pic

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    Re: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    Three of my favorites (that I own):

    The Ludwig doesn't have a lot of fancy finishing but does integrate extremely well IMO, it's just almost invisible until you want to see it, and then it's superbly legible:

    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1394756143.300147.jpg
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    My Captain Central Seconds has excellent finishing but loses a point for not being white on black (although the black on white is admittedly more legible):

    Name:  Zenith 3 Medium.JPG
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    My El Primero, OTOH, is beautifully finished and matches color-wise, but loses a bit in legibility, although it's still not bad, and worth it for the aesthetics:

    Name:  Zenith Red EP Small 3.JPG
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    Re: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    I quite like the Moser "big" date

    Name:  H-Moser-cie-perpetual.jpg
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    Re: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    Always been a fan of GO's Big date

    Name:  go8.jpg
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    Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    I like date windows at 6, like my Stowa Seatime
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    One of my favourite date wheels is on the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope
    (calling Ric Capucho!)
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    Re: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    Quote Originally Posted by brrrdn View Post
    I quite like the Moser "big" date

    Name:  H-Moser-cie-perpetual.jpg
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    My favorite.

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    Re: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    I prefer not to have one, but at least this keeps the dial balanced

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    Re: Nicest date windows (and wheels)

    I'm not choosy really. So long as there is a date in there I'm happy (I'm very easy to please)
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