nikidasi's 'Nine Circles of WIS-dom'
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Thread: nikidasi's 'Nine Circles of WIS-dom'

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    nikidasi's 'Nine Circles of WIS-dom'

    Stumbled across this post by WUS' nikidasi in an old 2012 thread, and it's too brilliant and hilarious not to resurrect and highlight.

    The Nine Circles of WIS-dom:

    1. First Circle.

    - A friend showed you his new watch and you thought, "Hey, maybe I should get a new watch?"
    - You joined some online forums, got some opinions on current watches but liked two equally.
    - You bought them both.

    2. Second Circle.
    - You have four watches for the following uses: work, dress, beater, gym.
    - You're in denial... "A collection?! Nah, a collection is 5 or more, right?"
    - You've just subscribed to International Watch.

    3. Third Circle.
    - Your 'collection' hit 10 some time ago so you have all the bases covered now: diver, dress, beater, vintage, Mickey Mouse, etc. But you're still looking for another watch.
    - You've tried your first 'hand swap' using a bent screwdriver, two cocktail sticks and a Q-tip. "Watchmakers? Pah! How hard can it be?" You now have a 'project watch' box.
    - Your wife thinks you're an idiot.

    4. Fourth Circle.
    -You've just completed your first watch family (same watch in all available colors)
    -You know Segal's Law, but you're feeling particularly smug as you've just ordered a Waveceptor (or similar). "Ha!"
    -Your total watch count doesn't include 'project watches' anymore.
    - When you get out of the shower, the first thing you put on is your watch.
    - Your wife tells you you're an idiot.

    5. Fifth Circle.
    -You wouldn't admit it, but you pick out your watch first and then select your outfit accordingly.
    - You have a 'bed watch' and you charge up the lume religiously just before lights out.
    - You're on first-name terms with the postman.
    - Your wife knows you're an idiot. You agree.

    6. Sixth Circle.
    - Every morning your Waveceptor (or similar) wakes you up EXACTLY on time and you use a vintage chrono to time your boiled eggs.
    - While you wait, you wind 7 manual wind watches.
    -You've tried to read under the duvet, using just the lume glow from your watch.
    -You own watches without straps.
    -Ramon knows your name.

    7. Seventh Circle.

    -You don't bother keeping your watches running anymore. "It reduces the wear on them anyway, right?"
    -You decide which watch to wear based on how close the day/date combination is to being right so you'll have less 'messing about' setting it.
    -You've bought your first vintage watch 'too good' to wear.
    - Your wife suggests a vacation and you realize with horror that you don't have a 'vacation watch.'
    -You spent more on the vacation watch than you did the vacation.

    8. Eighth Circle.
    -You've bought a watch on the 'Net, and when you went to put it away, you realized you already had one.
    -You don't care about the day/date being right anymore. If you need to know the date you look at your phone.
    -You associate the word 'vacation' with either Switzerland or Japan.
    - You replace your spring bars annually. You've read stories of 'spring bar failure' and the thought alone makes you ill.
    - Higuchi-san sent you a Christmas card.

    9. Ninth Circle.
    - A new acquaintance asks how many watches you have and you said, "Oh, I don't know" -- not because you were embarrassed to say. You really don't know.
    - Your wife associates the word 'vacation' with Switzerland or Japan.
    - You have a beater worth more than your car.
    - You get more calls from watch dealers than friends.
    -You have a piece of paper in your wallet that reads, "In the event of an accident, please ensure that my vintage perpetual calendar watch is wound daily."

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    Re: nikidasi's 'Nine Circles of WIS-dom'

    Actually, reading further, nikidasi in that thread said, "Thanks, but that's not my writing. It was a post made by someone on the SCWF long time ago. I just reposted for the OP. :)"

    What was the SCWF?

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    Very funny and all too true. Especially the part about the wife thinks you're an idiot. If only mine used a relatively nice word like that.

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    Re: nikidasi's 'Nine Circles of WIS-dom'

    Quote Originally Posted by WorthTheWrist View Post
    Actually, reading further, nikidasi in that thread said, "Thanks, but that's not my writing. It was a post made by someone on the SCWF long time ago. I just reposted for the OP. :)"

    What was the SCWF?
    SCWF is the Seiko and Citizen Watch Forum. Some ridiculously knowledgeable folks over there.

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