Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?

Thread: Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?

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    Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?

    This may sound a little different from the usual, is this watch too small threads! I have an 8 inch wrist but never did catch the current large watch craze. I own a 35 mm Nomos Orion which I regard as the ideal size for my wrist, at least with regards to dress watches. I also have both Rodina 38 mm homages of the Nomos Ludwig and Tangente which I regard as oversized, too big and too thick. I also liked the 35 mm Nomos Ludwig at a not so local AD but ended up getting the Orion in the same size instead. I am also very happy with my 34 mm Junghans Max Bill handwind, which does look smaller than the Orion but is still very nice, but I would not want to go much smaller though.

    I like the style and looks of the Nomos Metro but am concerned that the 37 mm diameter maybe too generous for my tastes. I will try to find one to try but it is hard to locate specially since I live in the sticks.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?

    I never jumped on the large watch bandwagon either. I had a Tissot tradition 42 mm all dial and thought it looked to large and sold it, I have a 7.5" wrist. I own a 38 mm Hamilton Intra-Matic and it looks good on my wrist so I think with your 8" wrist you will be fine with that size.
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    Re: Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?

    The lugs on the Metro will make it wear a little smaller than the lugs on the Ludwig or Orion. Dial will look bigger on the wrist, but it will feel smaller.
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    Re: Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?

    Nope - not too big. Tried it on my 6.5" wrist and it fit great. It's got a bit of casual flavor along w dressy flavor, so it works well, and the lugs make it more casual as well.
    Also it will be significantly thinner than any Rodina copy, since the Chinese don't use same handwound movements.

    Quite thin and very elegant, Metro is
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    Re: Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?

    Personally, I don't think it's too big, especially on an 8 inch wrist, like yours.

    That said, it seems like it might wear too big for your comfort considering your sentiments regarding your Orion and the 38mm Nomos homage.

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    Re: Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?

    This is my 37mm Ludwig in my 6.5 inches wrist. I believe it will be perfect on ur wrist.

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