Hi all --

This is a very out there sort of question. I was presented with a challenge coin from my college sports team when I graduated a few years back (wiki for history of challenge coins: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Challenge_coin), and it recently occurred to me: how awesome would it be to combine my passion for my team and watches by fitting the challenge coin inside a watch case? It wouldn't really be a watch, since there wouldn't be a movement or anything else other than the coin.

Does anyone know of a watch case that would fit a coin that measures 42mm in diameter and 3mm in thickness? I would also prefer that the case have a 24mm lug width, since I have a bunch of 24mm wide straps lying around. I was checking out those Marina Militare or Radiomir cases, but I wasn't able to find many details about the internal measurements. Having a clear caseback would be a big plus.

Thanks a bunch.