Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex
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Thread: Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

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    Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

    I’m literally driving myself crazy. I’ve decided I want a higher tier daily and have been slowly selling off my divers. This past weekend I went to the Rolex, omega and Blancpain boutiques and tried everything on (except of course the sea dweller or deep sea). I’ve watched LITERALLY every single video on YouTube on all of them. Twice. I think my first choice is the Rolex 43mm sea dweller with the omega 8900 PO a close second. But the price! And having to pay over sticker vs under. I plan on this being the watch they pry off my dead wrist so I’m willing to make sacrifices (and to be clear, the Rolex will require a bunch more selling) to get “the one,” I just can’t seem to justify it. But if I don’t do it will I look down at an otherwise awesome watch and just think it isn’t the one? Sorry I’m babbling my WIS brain has been in freaking overdrive. Anyone else dealt with a similar dilemma?
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    Re: Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

    Not in your situation at all as far as price brackets but be careful to not buy “something” because you’re tired of waiting or being stressed about it. If you’re not sure, it’s not the right time yet.

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    Re: Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

    How much is the difference? If you can afford the Rolex, and you like Rolex better, then I think you should go with Rolex. Get the watch you like. Also, if you are not sure and want to minimize lost, buy used, more so for the Omega.

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    Get the Rolex if you can afford it.

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    Re: Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

    Get the Sea Dweller, you will not regret it. The watch keeps INCREDIBLE time, and is just a great watch all around. The details is where Rolex beats the others - superior in house movement, white gold hands and indices, aerospace 904L stainless steel, platinum inlay on the bezel numerals, etc. it all adds up to just a superior product.

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    Re: Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

    Sell a few of your shitters and get both, ya doofus.

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    Re: Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

    Blancpain, Omega and Rolex all make outstanding divers. You certainly wouldn't be settling for any of the three. But, you're rather clearly set on the SD43, so that's what you should pursue. If the current premium over MSRP is a problem for you -- you could just wait for a while to see if the situation changes. You lived this long without one, a year or two more won't hurt too bad. Otherwise, pay the money and enjoy the watch. In my experience the memory of the money spent fades quickly but the joy of owning the watch endures.
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    Re: Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

    If you can find a SD and that's your first choice then what's then what is the confusion about? Is it literally a pricing decision?

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    You want the Rolex, seems fairly obvious from your post but you’re trying to justify it. No need, if you can, buy it! You will save yourself the cost of settling and flipping the Omega (not a bad watch by any means, but not on par either)

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    Re: Not a troll, I知 really confused omega vs Rolex

    I壇 put my vote on the PO. It has independently adjusted hour hands which is great when you池e traveling.

    The SD has the classic look and is more versatile, but you can get the PO with a more conservative color scheme.

    Either watch is a winner. So good luck!

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