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    Nova Scotia?

    Hi everyone
    Since this is an international site I thought I'd ask if any of you are from, used to live in or know much about Nova Scotia?
    I have an offer of a job there and it would mean moving from the UK to take up residence there.
    What could I expect?
    What's the situation with watch dealers there?
    If I do end up going I may decide to sell my new JLC Master RDM to raise extra funds for the move and setting up home there. I'd still have a nice watch but may limit it to a single diver type which may be more up to every day use.
    If I moved to NS it would be in a rural community (Nr Pictou county?)
    and I don't think I'd be able to justify a watch simply for dress use!
    Any advice or opinions?

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    Re: Nova Scotia?

    A whole lot of green and not many people. Be prepared for cabin-fever in the winter. A couple of nice little towns are Lunenburg and Antigonish.
    Mabou is kick, but only for a couple of days. It's not very big, but there's
    a lot to see. Checkout,

    Good luck

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    Re: Nova Scotia?

    It's cold! Of course, I think North Carolina is cold!

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    Re: Nova Scotia?

    My wife is from Nova Scotia. We visit at least every two years.

    Good lobster.
    McDonalds actually has a McLobster sandwich there. It is good too.
    Halifax is a really nice small city.
    Snow in the winter....and a good deal of it.
    Lots of biting insects in the summer if you're in more rural parts.
    Nice temperate weather in the summer.
    If you like sailing, you'll be in luck.
    People are friendly. That's why you'll get to sail.
    Don't know the low down on watches. I saw that they do have a Ball dealership in Halifax which shocked me, as we don't have one here in Portland, OR a substantially bigger city than Halifax.

    Feel free to pm with any specific questions. My wife knows the place pretty well. Good luck with your decision.

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    Re: Nova Scotia?

    My neighboring province and it's an amazing place to live. Almost of amazing as New Brunswick

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    Re: Nova Scotia?

    Having lived both in Europe (Montpellier, France) and Canada (Montreal), I feel well placed to deliver you a warning.

    You're going to have a huge shock, in Nova Scotia, when you find out the nearest "big city" is hours and hours and hours away (by car). And that big city will be a tenth the size of a small city in Western Europe (UK, France, Germany, etc.).

    You need a great LOVE the outdoors to quit Western Europe, where driving half an hour literally brings you to another big city or even country, to go live in Nova Scotia where you drive half a day and you can visit .... nothing (need to drive another half day for the nearest "big" place ) ...

    Like Preston says, it's a great place to live if you a nature person. A city boy like me would go nuts (after, yes, the first few months of nature and tranquility have refreshed and reinvigorated me).

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