Obsolete Spares......HELP!
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Thread: Obsolete Spares......HELP!

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    Obsolete Spares......HELP!

    Hi All,

    New to the forum and new to watch collecting and Horology.

    I've been buying vintage watches in spares/repair condition as a view to getting a 'deal', to fix and live happily ever after.

    I've recently purchased a, in my opinion, lovely 1940's US Military Universal Geneve with a Cal. 260 movement.

    Unfortunately the hairspring appears to have been subjected to incredible torture, I didn't realise it was possibly to twist in so many directions!

    My question is what is the general concenus on watches with hard to obtain spares? Does knowing it may be hard to purchase sparess affect your purchasing decision? Or does the fact that you could, potentially, get a deal make the reward worth the risk?

    I've tried all of the common spares dealers and various auction sites without succes, do I cut my losses and resell or do I put to one side with the faint hope of one day being able to get the old girl breathing again?

    I've attached some pictures, if you're interested.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Obsolete Spares......HELP!

    To someone new to watches/horology I definitely couldn't recommend you buy watches hard to repair. That's a step to be taken far after you've completed your first complete disassembly, full cleaning and assembly. That's how I'd go about it at least.

    If you're willing to stay vigilant and really like the watch that much, go for it. I'd personally try to resell it.

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    Re: Obsolete Spares......HELP!

    How many heavily worn watches watches have you bought?
    Is your goal to restore them?
    If so do you have the skills and tools to disassemble, replace parts, repair and restore those watches?
    If you can't diy are you willing to spend several hundred dollars per watch?

    It is very easy to turn a perfectly good hair spring into a birds nest with one slip of a screwdriver. That tells me someone who didn't know what they were doing was fiddling around with it. Who knows what other damage was done.
    For most of us it is a waste of money to buy deteriorated watches like that one because they end up sitting in a drawer. The case and dial are in horrible condition.
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    Re: Obsolete Spares......HELP!

    I think this particular specimen is beyond economical repair.

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    Hi All,

    Sorry for the late appreciation.

    Thanks for your time, I am still a DIY'er so maybe best to give this one a miss.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi All,

    Sorry for the late appreciation but thanks for your time.

    I am still very much an amateur but have taken a few apart, cleaned, and on occasion, repaired. However this is beyond me so might be best to put back up for sale.

    Thanks again

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