Hi Guys,
I'm relatively new to this forum and relatively young (18) but am looking to start getting into high end watches. I really want a Omega Geneve and I think they look really good and a great fit for my small wrists. Unfortunately, after scouring the internet I can't find any within my price range and even the auctions on ebay are too expensive for my price range. I realise that as a rule if you can't afford something then don't buy it but I really am hoping I can strike a bargain!
If anyone has any Omega Geneve they want to get rid of please get in touch with me and send me a picture and the price you'd like to sell for... please remember i'm a student with very little money! If you're a watch collector willing to help me then that would be great!
I'd be wiling to pay shipping costs from abroad but ideally i'd like to purchase from a UK seller if possible due to the cheaper domestic postage costs!
Thanks in advance